Hello! I am a conscientious UX/UI/Interaction design professional based in the San Francisco bay area. I have strong interests and in the areas of Experience design, wireframing, prototyping, user research and theory/philosophy of design. These days i am spending most of my time designing some really cool mobile, tablet, web, fully responsive web apps.

I am a proud alumnus of the HCI/d program of Indiana University and have engaged in a wide variety of UX related work at Isoft Plc, Indiana University, Intuit, Oracle, SAP labs, Snapfish(HP) and Wells Fargo and Ginlo and brabbler and PIng earth and the HCP. I strive to balance work with traveling, hiking, biking, meditation, spirituality, philosophy and quantum physics...



Wells Fargo - Mobile and Tablet


Native Mobile - Snapfish Photos



Tablet - Snapfish Library



SAP CRM Tablet App


Wireframes, Taskflows and Prototypes